About Us

What We Do
  • Encourage you to incorporate regular giving into your everyday life
    • Grab a few extra items every time you go to the store
    • Encourage your neighbors, friends, family, and coworkers to do the same. Then pool your supplies together for a larger, recurring donation
    • Give more and give often
  • Streamline donation processes
    • Bikes & Bites will communicate what supplies are needed most and by what organizations, as this changes pretty quickly
    • Bikes & Bites will work with neighborhood groups and "community captains" to pick up and deliver your group donations
    • Simplifying donation gives you more time to devote to hands-on involvement in your community; fight for change, educate yourself, vote, volunteer, call your local school board and city council representatives, etc.
  • Unite our communities in an effort to benefit underserved groups and uplift Minneapolis as a whole
    • Help Minneapolis residents who are most affected by social injustice
    • Get to know your neighbors and deepen current relationships within your community
    • Shift away from a reliance on cars - get outside, get active, bike, and use public transportation
How It Works
  • Reach out to us and let us know which Bikes & Bites role you are most interested in (Individual Contributor, Community Captain, Biker, or a combination of any).
  • We will connect you with other Bikes & Bites members in your neighborhood and get you set up within your subgroup.
  • Bikes & Bites will send out a list of supplies needed to our Community Captains, along with information regarding which organizations and groups will receive the donations.
  • The Community Captain will communicate what supplies are needed to the Individual Contributors in their neighborhood.
  • Individual Contributors will pick up a few extra items on their routine trips to the store. They will then drop these items off to their local Community Captain's donation bin.
  • Once the Community Captain's donation bin is full, they will contact Bikes & Bites. We will get a Biker out to your home to pick up your donations! Our Bikers will ensure these donations are delivered to organizations, groups, and individuals most in need throughout Minneapolis.
  • When the Community Captain's donation bin is emptied, we begin the process again! Stay in touch with us via social media (Instagram/Facebook @bikesandbitesmpls) to hear about Bikes & Bites' neighborhood events, calls for action, and more ideas to give back to your community.

Our Story

Hi neighbors! We are Brian and Erica and we met while Erica was in college and Brian was “in between schools.” We are now married and live in the Windom neighborhood with two kids who enjoy screaming and throwing their meals on the floor.

Bikes & Bites was born from Brian’s passions of biking and never sitting still for more than five minutes. In the aftermath of George Floyd’s murder and the ensuing rioting, we began asking for donations and supplies from neighbors, friends, coworkers, and family to deliver to several organizations that redistribute to Minneapolis residents in need. Due to the destruction of many businesses in June and compounded by the economic effects of Covid, many residents have been displaced from their homes and/or no longer have access to food and basic necessities. Our small social circle was generous with contributions, often noting that they had been wanting to help but either didn’t know how or were worried that the small contributions they were able to make would not be helpful. In just the five short weeks we were doing this informally, we were able to donate several thousands of dollars worth of food/supplies and Brian biked over 500 miles making deliveries. It was clear to us that small, local efforts to help our fellow residents can make a substantial impact when organized and pooled together. 

We hope that what began as a small effort to instill some regular giving into our lives and our collective goal to help our city and its most vulnerable residents will grow and spread (in a good, non-corona virus way) to other neighborhoods throughout our city and state.