Get Involved

Bikes & Bites Near You

You can check out this map to see if there is a Community Captain collecting donations near you, or you can find a Biker to coordinate with in your area. You can also check out some of the organizations we donate to/work with here. 

Individual Contributors

People who are interested in contributing on a regular basis, whether that is one bottle of shampoo now and then or multiple items every week. If you are already doing this, we'd love for you to encourage those in your neighborhood to do the same and we will assist in getting your supplies to where they are needed most. There is no requirement to donate any set amount of items in any time frame. The hope is that you give what you can when you can.

Community Captains

Those of you who want to do a little more! Community Captain will collect smaller donations in their immediate neighborhood and pool these supplies together for their larger community donation. They are also responsible for communicating to other members of their neighborhood what supplies are needed and coordinating drop offs. Bikes & Bites bikers will then come through once donation pools are ready to be picked up and bring the items where they are needed throughout the city.


People who are willing to haul 50-100 lbs of donations behind their bike for 10-20 miles at a time on an as needed basis. These supplies are delivered to mutual aid organizations throughout Minneapolis working directly with affected residents. While car delivery may be the easier method, we hope to shift away from a reliance on cars within our city to more environmentally friendly options like bikes and public transportation. We are looking for donations of bikes, trailers, large backpacks, and more for people who would like to bike but do not own the appropriate bike gear/accessories.


We understand that some of you who may live outside of Minneapolis or even in a different state/country would like to donate money to our initiative. Feel free to purchase donations online and have them directly shipped to us or a Community Captain. If you'd like us to pick up some supplies on your behalf, you can VENMO us @bikesandbitesMPLS. We also encourage you to visit where you can check out mutual aid organizations in your local area.


Anyone who would like to contribute a skill, an idea, or general encouragement! We are a community organization formed and funded by neighbors, friends, family, and coworkers. Whether you are a bike mechanic, an accountant, someone who has experience with nonprofit organizations, or a community leader, we welcome all help as we grow. Lastly, please share us on social media with your friends, family, and neighbors! You can find us on Instagram and Facebook @bikesandbitesmpls.