Looking to get involved outside of Minneapolis?

Hi everyone! We've gotten lots of messages from family and friends who live outside of Minneapolis or even in other states asking how they can help out with Bikes & Bites. We are so glad everyone is enthusiastic about our mission and we are so grateful for the support. At this time, we will not be accepting monetary donations.

We ask you to consider ordering food & supplies online and having them directly shipped to us or a Community Captain instead! We will be more than happy to organize your shipped donations and deliver them to those in need on our next bike drop! 

If you live far away, we also encourage you to set up a similar sustainable giving/mutual aid effort in your local neighborhood. We started out just collecting and pooling donations from a few neighbors on our block, and you can do the same! This is a great resource to find mutual aid hubs in your area: 


As we grow, we would love to expand Bikes & Bites outside of Minneapolis - perhaps to St. Paul and the surrounding suburbs of the Twin Cities. But for now, we are just a small team of three trying to get organized!

Stay tuned for news about the growth of Bikes & Bites.

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