The Grease Pit Drop 8/28

This week's group bike drop is to the Free Store at The Grease Pit, a volunteer-run bike shop that teaches bike building, maintenance, and repair in order to promote self-sufficiency, free mobility, and a mode of transportation that does not require fossil fuel. They are currently running a free store collective out of their shop that collects and distributes food and supplies to Minneapolis residents in need. The Free Store at The Grease Pit has been able to serve 100+ families so far.

The Grease Pit is collecting many different general food and supplies for their Free Store, but at this time they are specifically asking for baby, household, and cooking items:

Details: We'll meet at Bikes & Bites HQ (you can email or DM us to receive the address) at 2:30p on Friday, 8/28. We'll load up our backpacks and trailers and depart for The Grease Pit (located at the NW corner of 28th & Bloomington) around 2:45p. It should be about a 10 mile ride round trip. We'll mostly be biking lighter stuff like diapers and wipes, so we should be able to take a large load!

If you're thinking about picking up some supplies, Target is running a great promotion (as of Sunday 8/23) where you receive a $30 gift card if you spend $100 on baby items. This would be a great opportunity for you to pool some cash with your neighbors, friends, and family, do a big supply run, and contribute a large donation for this drop! Or even if you have little ones of your own, this is a great chance to get some shopping done for your household while picking up a couple items for The Grease Pit's Free Store!

Hope to see you there!

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